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Healthy Life, 
Fit Life,
The DABBA Life

Everything your pet needs to succeed.

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Hydrotherapy available in Cary, NC. 

Our hydrotherapy treadmill is a great option for pets needing post-operative care, pets with arthritis, or even assisting pets with weight management! 


Pre & Post Surgical Fitness

CPR & First Aid Classes

Obedience Training

Fitness Supplies (Rent/Buy)

Comfort for your pet is our priority. The Dabba Company provides at home obedience sessions, 

complete with scheduled progress checks that allow us to work with your pet at whatever time is best for you! Do you want your pet be better on a leash, more socialized and listen to your commands? 

We can bring obedience classes
to your home!

Is your pet preparing for  surgery?

Did your pet just have surgery? Is surgery in their near future? We are here to help! The Dabba Company can provide a complete canine health plan that will maximize your pet's performance and overall quality of life by tapping into five essential ingredients in canine health: Mental, Strength, Cardio, Flexibility, and Balance. 

Be ready for emergencies with DABBA CPR and
First-Aid classes!

The Dabba Company doesn't just stop at fitness training, we also provide pet CPR and first-aid certifications. Be prepared for any emergency situation that could impact your fur-family.

Ask us about  FITPAWS fitness equipment.

Purchase or Rent Fitness Equipment

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